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We do true Kiwi designs from the coolest riding country in the world! Add to that – the best of US manufacturing (and chroming), and World Wide distribution, and you can now get access to the coolest wheels in the world…

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Where on earth is New Zealand and why is it so inspiring for wheel designs?

Kia Ora!   Aotearoa (New Zealand, Land of the Long White Cloud) is a country of doers; we build, we design, we ride. And hard…Kiwi Wheels (KiWheels, get it?) are for riders.

The most scenic country in the world, coupled with a biker friendly culture, and awesome riding roads, we know what bikers want, what they like, and our unique culture leads to the coolest art and technology around. Blending this into bike wheels, we truly bring together the best of design, and the best of technology. So you can ride, and enjoy.

New Zealand is a hub of design and leading engineering thought. From Burt Monroe (Worlds fastest Indian) (Offerings to the Gods of Speed) to John Britten, through to Kiwi Indian, we have a long and trusted history of innovation and design. Home of the Lord of the Rings (no we don’t have actual Hobbits), our scenery and people invite riders from all over the world to enjoy one of the greatest countries on earth.


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